Jon Plunkett - Performance Poetry Evening
Thursday 2nd of May  at 7pm

We are delighted to be welcoming Jon Plunkett to celebrate the launch of his new poetry collection "A Melody of Sorts".

Born among the granite and drumlins of Ireland, Jon now lives and writes in the Highlands of Scotland. His work has been widely published and anthologized in poetry and literary journals. In addition to writing, Jon is a multiple poetry slam winner and keen performer, often collaborating with musicians and artists to lift the words from the page and present poetry in new ways. Jon is founder of The Corbenic Poetry Path - a meandering path through beautiful Highland scenery where the words of many contemporary poets have been carved in stone, etched in glass, encased in resin and installed along the way. In 2018 he took the reins of Poetry Scotland. His first full collection ‘A melody of sorts’ was published with Red Squirrel Press in 2019.

Tickets for this event are £5 and are available from the bookshop and Eventbrite now. 

Please note this event will be hosted in our upstairs event space.
Jim Crumley - The Nature of Spring
Thursday May 30th at 7:30pm 

Jim Crumley will be joining us to discuss his newest book The Nature of Spring. 

Spring is nature's season of rebirth and rejuvenation. Crumley chronicles the wonder, tumult and spectacle of that transformation, but he shows too that it is no Wordsworthian idyll that unfolds.

Climate chaos brings unwanted drama to the lives of badger and fox, seal and seabird and raptor, pine marten and sand martin. Jim lays bare the impact of global warming and urges us all towards a more daring conservation vision that embraces everything from the mountain treeline to a second spring for the wolf. 

Tickets for this event are £5 and include a refreshment and £2 off a copy of the book.

Please note this event will be hosted upstairs in the bookshop.  
Robin A. Crawford - Into The Peatlands
Thursday the 6th of June 2019 at 7 pm

ollowing the epic success of "Into The Peatlands" we are delighted to be welcoming Robin A. Crawford to The Highland Bookshop!

About the book:

The peatlands of the Outer Hebrides are half land, half water. Their surface is a glorious tweed woven from tiny, living sphagnums rich in wildlife, but underneath is layer upon layer of dead mosses transforming into the peat. One can, with care, walk out onto them, but stop and you begin to sink into them. For time immemorial the peatlands have been places - for humans at least - of seasonal habitation but not of constant residence.

In this book Robin A. Crawford explores the peatlands over the course of the year, explaining how they have come to be and examining how peat has been used from the Bronze Age onwards. In describing the seasonal processes of cutting, drying, stacking, storing and burning he reveals one of the key rhythms of island life, but his study goes well beyond this to include many other aspects, including the wildlife and folklore associated with these lonely, watery places. 

Widening his gaze to other peatlands in the country, he also reflects on the historical and cultural importance that peat has played, and continues to play - it is still used for fuel in many rural areas and plays an essential role in whisky-making - in the story of Scotland.

Tickets for this event will be £5 (includes a refreshment and £2 off a copy of Into The Peatlands).

Please note this event will be hosted in our upstairs event space.

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