Book Subscription

The Highland Bookshop Gift Book Subscription Service
A Year (or a half-year) of Hand-Chosen Books
A gift-wrapped hand-selected book arriving every month. What better gift for a friend, family member, or even a
special treat for yourself!

You tell us what kind of books your friend likes (and any dislikes!). The Highland Bookshop then sends them a book every month (usually just published), tailored to their interests – the perfect bespoke present.

To set up a Gift Book Subscription just fill in the form at the bottom of this page, call 01397 705931 or email [email protected]

How it Works
Getting Started - We will ask you a few questions about their reading tastes - or we can send a gift card inviting your friend to contact us. They will then receive their first gift-wrapped book at the start of the next month.

How Long Are Gift Subscriptions For? A Year of Books is twelve months (or you can opt for a Half-Year).

Chose a Theme? Themes are listed below with costs and the recipient can contact us anytime to discuss what
books they like and how the subscription is going.

How Much Does A Year of Books Gift Subscription cost? The subscription rates below are for the UK (half-year rates in
brackets). Overseas postage supplements are further down.

Fiction hardback £285 (£145)
Fiction paperback £155 (£80)
New Scottish Books £175 (£90)
Mountaineering & Outdoors £175 (£90)
Children’s £145 (£75) (we can cover different ages)

What Happens Next? - Your friend receives a gift-wrapped new book every month. They are invited to tailor the selection to their preferences, making it the ideal bespoke present.

When Does the Subscription Start? - You let us know – if you want we can time it for a birthday or for Christmas.

What if They Have Already Read a Book? - No problem. Our selections will be very recently published titles but in
the unlikely event they have already read a book they can return it to one of our shops or send it back and we will send
an alternative.

Do You Send Abroad? - Yes.
Europe is £18 extra for 6 paperbacks, £36 for 12, and hardbacks £35 for 6, £70 for 12. 
Rest of the World paperbacks £30 for 6, £60 for 12 and hardbacks £60 for 6, £120 for 12.

As It Is a Present, Can I Give Them the First Book? - Yes, just let us know and we will send the first gift-wrapped book to

Let’s Get Going!
To find out more or to purchase a subscription, call 01397 705931 or email the form below to [email protected]

Send someone special a special gift today
- A Highland Bookshop Gift Book Subscription -
Your name 
Recipient’s name
We will call you to discuss the recipient’s tastes, likes and dislikes, and arrange payment.

Please select which theme and how long you would like the
subscription to be for:
Fiction Hardback  -  12 months £285 or 6 months £145
Paperback subscriptions:
Fiction - 12 months £155 or 6 months £80
New Scottish - 12 months £175 or 6 months £90
Mountaineering / Outdoors 12 months £175 or 6 months £90
Children’s 12 months £145 or 6 months £75

Is the recipient in the UK YES / NO
(overseas delivery extra - please see above)

Please send form back to 
Highland Bookshop, 60 High Street, Fort William, PH33 6AH or take a
photo and email it to [email protected] then we will
call you to arrange payment, start date and discuss preferences

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